Nature Inspires To Simplicity


I’ve wondered why it feels so good to be in nature. Some time ago I watched a documentary in which they researched how soap bubbles form and are constructed. The outcome was that nature seeks simplicity and energy efficiency in everything. Everything seem to take a shape that is beautifully simple.

I realized that simplicity is the thing. We humans too are the part of nature so it’s natural for us too to arrange things in a functional way and seek simplicity. It just we don’t think it that way very often.

Sometimes people might get stressed in a city environment. Huge amount of sounds, smells, lights and such, an information overflow that we need to process – consciously or unconsciously – makes us dizzy. We can block unwanted stimulation to some extend but not all the time. If we are bombarded with it constantly we get tired and stressed. Our minds just get too full of everything.

If we just could see what’s essential to us and change our environment according to it, we would be happier I think. The environment in which we’re spending time makes a difference to our wellbeing. And the amount of things that consume our time and energy too of course.

After watching the documentary I understood a bit better why being in nature is so comforting. It gives me room to concentrate on things in my own terms, in my own rhythm.

Nature gives a great example how things can be beautifully simple. And how things that are simple are the most natural way of being.


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