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Find opportunities to talk with your loved one

We need to to find more opportunities to talk with each other properly and without children. That was one conclusion that me and my husband made after the fight I told you yesterday.

Sounds easy but everyone who has had small children knows that it isn´t. Daytime is always full of work and children are seldom having a nap at the same time when you and your spouse are both at home. In the evening when the children have fallen asleep you are so exhausted that sleeping feels more important than talking.

It´s ok for some time but not in the long run. Without talking there is a big chance that you´ll end up loosing the connection between the two of you during that life period when your children are small. And THAT`S BAD! 

In the same way as I´ve noticed that there just isn´t a good time to exercise in this life situation, I´ve noticed that there isn´t a good time for talking with your loved one either. At least not in the same way as before children. And if there isn´t time for something important you just have to make time for it! Find opportunities. Dig them out. Even the small ones.

We did that this day. When we were coming home from the playground and grocery we noticed that both girls were sleeping at the back seat. An opportunity to talk! We said almost at the same time.

We drove to the beach and talked with each other and without children. It was really nice to have a small moment that reminded us that we are still also a couple and not just parents!

baby girl sleeping back seat only feet showing

baby girl sleeping at the back seat of car black and white picture

toddler sleeping back seat with globe hope bag

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spring time lake view finland car window

parents having quality time

man and woman having quality time

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