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I´ve had a tiny problem already for a while.

I like to wear a ponytail. But with a ponytail it´s uncomfortable to wear a hat. And without a hat my ears get cold during the winter. You know I love to wear something on my head all year around.


To solve this problem of mine I started to look for a headband for some time ago.

I found only kind of headbands that I knew would not look good on me. Then Sustainably Chic on Instagram caught my attention.


I went to see her website and found this beautiful deep red turban headband.


I also learned that everything there was fair-trade, organic and upcycled. The headband too was made out of organic wool and the button in it was vintage. I was sold!


I was sold to the ideology of Natalie Kay Smith, the young woman behind Sustainably Chic. But I was also sold because of her La Petite N-Kay organic and upcycled accessory line that didn´t include only headbands, but also different kinds of organic lace and crochet jewelry. I had not seen anything like that before and I was just stunned how beautiful they were.


For couple of days I thought could Natalie´s unique accessories fit my style and concluded that at least I have to try them out.

I had a good feeling about them. And I´ve noticed that if I my intuition says “You go girl!” then it´s probably a good idea to just go with it.


My instinct was right. The headband and necklace combined with my Globe Hope´s winter jacket and my self-made scarf was a perfect fit. They felt natural and looked natural.


I had found a new sustainable brand to wear and promote. I was happy!


And you know what I didn´t expect?

The headband looks also great even like this. AND  the necklace is beautiful too says my husband 😉


So go and check out Sustainably Chic Online Shop. Like I said there are lots of other great sustainable brands too. AND Natalie is adding  more products to her shop all the time.

So this lady and her site is definitely worth to follow if you want to wear something sustainably chic!

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