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I often think how could I use my time wiser. Time that is getting even more limited with our new family member around. How could I save time or be more efficient? What things should I do by myself, and what things it is better to have done by someone else?

Buy know-how from professionals

Using my time for working is not a problem for me. I like to work. Work is like a hobby for me. Like blogging; I see it as a dear hobby but I see it also as a work. I want to do it as well as I can and I want to develop while doing that.

When I was younger I tried to do all my work by myself. Partly because I didn`t understand to ask help and partly because I didn`t want to ask help. I didn`t know how to delegate things to others and make things a bit easier for myself. But I have learned. Like many other people I learned after some years of working life.

When I was planning SaimaaLife blog I thought what things it was wise for me to do or learn to do by myself and what things were irrelevant. I thought about many things; the time that I was able to use for blogging, my strengths and weaknesses, my interests, available equioment, etc. The final result was that I would buy the technical implementation and maintenance of my blog server  from professional, in my case from the local company Digitaali.

Before my decision I needed to think about money; whether I could afford  to buy help for my blog or not. However my (and our family`s) financial situation was not the best possible after me being at home with our firstborn for two years. Many times people do things by themselves because they see it as a way to save money. It is true in some cases. Sometimes it is just stupid. Everyone has heard examples of failed renovations. The final costs have raised because the renovation has been done without any professionals and in a wrong way. I would like to avoid similar mistakes in my blogging.

Often it is a question of priorities, will and financial planning. My decision meant for me that I have been able to buy very few things for myself lately. Also in the future I have to be very strict with the money if I want to continue blogging AND be home with our  small children at the same time.

However I haven`t regret my decision.  I bought peace of mind, quality and security. By buying know-how from professionals I bought time to concentrate on things in which I`m better at and that are important for me.

Next time you need help, think is there someone who could do the work faster and better than you. If your answer is “yes”, think twice before you answer “No, I can´t afford it. Using a professional help is a favor for your wellbeing if it saves your time and nerves and increases your personal safety and peace of mind!

No, we don`t wear this little clothes in December. These pictures have been taken in summer when we were preparing my blog with Digitaali (webpages only in Finnish).


I was happy to find Digitaali from my home town as my cooperation partner.


It meant a lot for me that Digitaali understood how important aesthetics is for me in SaimaaLife blog


Unna was with me in every meeting with managing director Oskari Malkki. She also fell asleep in every meeting 😉


Digitaali is a growing company


Digitaali is located in Puistokatu 5, Savonlinna

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