Have a courage to make your dream come true


In September I made my last business trip before the birth of our child. I travelled to Helsinki because I had a blog meeting with Visit Finland. During the same trip I also visited my blogger friend Netta and Mirva. It was so nice to have some time for myself and for girlfriends!


Courage to make your dreams come true feels good and makes you happy

My trip to Helsinki went well in every way. In a train I had good time to think about SaimaaLife. My thoughts about the blog clarified. I realized that if I had had courage to create and make SaimaaLife public, I have also courage to make it exactly what I want.

When I was a student I noticed that making your dreams come true improves your happiness. That notice had given me courage and will to keep on making my dreams come true, one at a time. As a student the things I did were small. However they helped me to have the courage to make a little bit bigger dreams come true, and after that again a little bit bigger dreams.

Making your dreams come true is one way to have power over your life and affect the content of your life. When you have that power and courage, you start to feel better. The improvement of wellbeing is based on developing your self-esteem and self-confidence. Both of them are important parts of wellbeing.

You can get better self-esteem and better self-confidence when you can be the one who makes the decisions in your life. What is funny, it doesn`t matter eventually whether your dreams really come true or not. The main thing is that you  have tried. Instead of saying to yourself and to the others that your can`t change your life.

More compact blog content: SaimaaLife is focused on natural wellbeing and finding a balance and happiness in a woman`s life

But back to SaimaaLife. So how my thoughts about my blog clarified during Helsinki trip? I realized that my passion for natural wellbeing and finding the balance and happiness in a woman`s life was the reason why I created SaimaaLife. Those are the topics I want to concentrate in SaimaaLife. And what I mean with “natural wellbeing”? Well, you can read about that here.

As I´ve told to you, I`ve worked in tourism after graduation. I`m proud of my home country and region. My pride is shown in “SaimaaLife” name. I chose that name because I feel that there are so many sources of natural wellbeing here in Finland and in Saimaa. By having them -sources of natural wellbeing- in life, my own wellbeing and life balance has been improved.

I want to continue to create “a natural lifestyle” in my own life. And I also want to courage other women to do the same in their lives so that they could feel better and improve  balance and happiness in their lives. That is my next dream.

All in all let me introduce the renewed themes of SaimaaLife:

  • Nature – Be well in nature
  • Handmade – Enjoy creativity
  • Family – Love
  • Roots – Be yourself
  • Food – Eat well
  • Beauty – Enjoy womanhood
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