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365 Ways To Wellbeing – 305th Way

I have a jeans problem. It’s kind of a positive problem because it has came into being now that I’ve lost all my pregnancy kilos and also all 5 extra “stress” kilos that I had left from my previous work. I feel that I’m at “my natural weight” now. And I´m feeling good about it. So part of me is happy to have too big jeans but part of me is needing something that fits perfectly. I was already checking out at some jeans at the mall when it hit me. Do I REALLY need new jeans? I have a pair that I can use. They’re maybe not perfect but still usable. I’m working at home and rarely need the kind of pants that has to really look perfect.

I thought about my posts about omitting needless things and prioritizing. I also thought about our family budget. I made a decicion. I won’t buy new jeans. I just walked right out of the store, a bit unsure about my decision perhaps, but still happy that I made it. Later on, when I was watching myself in the mirror with my old jeans on, I was pretty sure that my decision was right. I saved some money and didn’t just buy something because I just wanted to do so.

I think in the long run it’s really wise to buy responsibly. Buy only stuff you really need or that counts in some other way. If you buy new things, buy good quality products so that they last long. Or if you can buy it used but in good condition, great! If you don’t buy it all and later on realize that you actually didn’t need it, even greater!

Less was more for me this day – again 🙂


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