Create A Budget


365 Ways To Wellbeing – 295th Way

It´s hard to be well and relaxed if you have to worry about money. It plays such an important role in our culture. And I think most of us do need to worry about it quite often.

Already for some time we have followed how much we spend on food and noticed that we are able to save. It´s just a matter of paying more attention to what you buy and how often you do it. This day I took it a bit further.

I created a budget for our family. I wrote down our expenses and incomes annually. And it helped me a lot mentally. Something that I had a vague feeling about is now clear. I’m aware now, not about how much, but exactly how much we need monthly to take care of our expenses. It such a relief to know these things because it helps you to anticipate and avoid unpleasant surprises. Creating a budget really made me happy this day!


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