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365 Ways To Wellbeing – 357th Way

During past six months I’ve learned so much about emotions. It’s been an interesting ride and opened up a whole new world to me in understanding myself and others as well as seeing wellbeing in different light.

We spend a lot of time trying to live in a way that we wouldn’t have to face difficult emotions. No one wants to suffer. We resist negative emotions and don’t really want to accept them as a part of our life. But they are part of our life, no matter what we do. And if we resist our negative emotions too often, we start to resist to feel. And that of course leads to getting less of those positive emotions too. In the worst case we shut ourselves out of the world and miss the chance of seeing the colors of life. While fearing to face suffering and sadness we make the way harder for us to find a true happiness.

So what to do then?

We have to learn to embrace our emotions. We have to accept that they are a part of our life as human beings. We need to walk through bad times and see that there ‘s always sun after the rain. If we deeply learn to understand that emotions are an integral part of our life, we can start to see them in new way. We can see them as a vehicle for personal growth and understanding. If we get in touch with our humanity we can get in touch with common humanity too. We start to see ourselves in others. All of those things lead to better wellbeing.

The weather was beautiful this day. Magical I would say. I watched how my little sister was photographing my parents’ dog outside. I experienced another good mystery moment. Life felt sooo good and beautiful! I realized that partly I felt like that because of the dark emotions that I´ve been forced to go through this year. If I wouldn’t dare to go through those emotions I wouldn’t feel that good now. Rainy days make you to appreciate sunny days.

This year hasn´t been easy and I certainly hope that the next one would not be like this. However, it feels good to notice that emotions and experiences that I´ve faced this year have made me stronger in a good way. Dark emotions still scare me but not like before. I´ve learned to accept them as a part of my life. And because of that I´m able to allow myself to enjoy the good emotions in a deeper way than ever before!














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