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Day before yesterday I told you how I bought some Mia Höytö Cosmetics products online.

Well, this day a post brought them to me. Fast or what! 🙂

After opening the post package I noticed that this was definitely not the LAST time I’ll buy from her online shop. Look what kind of a package I have got! The package was so beautiful and handwritten greeting made it just perfect 🙂 Online shopping excludes face-to-face contact between the customer and seller. But how could you get any closer to that feeling than with a handwritten greeting?! A small luxurious moment for my day – Thank you Mia!

In general I love brands, like Mia Höytö, Globe Hope and Minna Parikka. Not only the products are good quality but also everything else is well thought out and great quality. Made with passion and style.

Brands that are good quality .Brands that go together with my sustainable valuesBrands that are aesthetics and bring a small touch of luxury to my everyday life.Those are my kind of brands!

When you start to favor quality brands, you´ll notice that you actually don´t need to consume that much. That´s because you don´t need to use those products that much (like moisturizers) or your products are strong and long lasting (like clothes). Good quality = sustainability. That´s what I think.

Less is more“. With everything in life 😉 Remember that!



Hi Mari! Thanks for your order! Have a sunny autumn. With love: Mia

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