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365 Ways To Wellbeing – 148th Way

We live the time of the midnight sun at the moment here in Finland. It means that daytime is already so long that it doesn’t get dark at all during the night.  For example this photo was taken in one of our bedrooms at 10 pm.


I love bright and warm spring evenings. I love the extra energy that I get from longer and brighter daytime. Unfortunately also  children get extra energy out of the brightness…like Unna. Going to sleep has been more or less of a fight lately. Unna is often saying “Mom, look how bright it is outside. We can´t go to bed. It´s daytime now!”.

This day me and my husband got tired of having this problem every night. So we installed blockout roller blinds to our bedroom. After that our bedroom looked like this:


It’s a miracle! It’s definitely true that your body starts to producing melatonin when it’s getting darker and helps you to fall asleep easier. This evening Unna and Liilia fell asleep without problems. And I felt that blockout roller blinds did good to my quality of sleep too.

Getting blockout roller blinds  – that was a service for my wellbeing!

After girls had fallen asleep me and my husband admired the beautiful sunset from our balcony. What a nice way to end the day!


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