Wellbeing Challenge 2013


One of the most challenging years in my life has begun. During Christmas holiday I said to my husband that I`ve never been as tired as I`m now. I cried. I cried because I had so much sleep debt. I cried also a couple of days before and after that. But at time I didn`t cry because of tiredness. I cried because I was so happy. Happy about my life.

I’m living in time when I`ve experienced and probably will experience the happiest moments of my life. On the other hand, I live very challenging years as a mother who wants to be a good mother to her small children, as a wife who wants her marriage to stay happy and as a woman who wants to advance her dreams in working life. And have a balanced life in general.

I’m living in time when it would be very easy to forget about myself and my own wellbeing. But I don`t want to do that. I don`t want to cry or be in a bad mood because of tiredness. I don`t want that my wellbeing and health is the price that I has to pay .

Taking care of my wellbeing – that has been my answer to myself every time I ask myself; what do you have to do to be able to enjoy these challenging years? I want to learn how to include taking care of my wellbeing into my life as a woman. No matter how challenging it would be!  I want to learn how to keep up the balance between my working life, family life and relationship.

That`s why I`ve decided to challenge myself. I challenge myself to pay attention to my own wellbeing with simple and small ways throughout year 2013. I challenge myself to advance my wellbeing in one way every day during this year!

Read more about my “Wellbeing challenge 2013 – 365 ways to wellbeing” here.

woman in a wintery scene

Sun shining on the pine tree bark

Frozen lake in winter in Finland

Sun setting and snow sparkling

Let the challenge will begin!


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