Take a short walk outside alone


365 Ways To Wellbeing – 1st Way

My husband is still on a Christmas holiday. That`s why it was possible for me to take a walk alone outside as he was able to take care of our girls. And oh how much I enjoyed my short walk by the lake! I relaxed, breathed fresh air and listened the silence of nature!

Fresh air makes wonders for your wellbeing!

footprints on the snow on a wintery evening

Setting sun on a cold wintery day

Frozen flower and sun hitting it from the side

Sun shining on the snowy structure

Woman looking into the winter sun

Birch tree branches in the winter

Warm mitten on an ice-bed

frozen wintery landscape from Savonlinna Finland

frozen grass sparkling in a winter sun

Pine tree rising from the snow

A shadow of a photographer on snow

Frozen lake and setting sun in wintertime

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