Dedicate year 2013 for your wellbeing


I’m going to write a lot about my “Wellbeing Challenge – 365 ways to wellbeing” this year. I hope it gives you, my dear readers, inspiration and simple ways to take care about your own wellbeing too!

From this point on you can also read posts about natural wellbeing that are written by my guest writers. I`m so happy that I can introduce them to you!



Dedicate year 2013 for your wellbeing

Guest post by Mari Tynkkynen

Wellbeing is a reflection of our lifestyle.  Woman who is feeling well is spreading out good spirit to every people that we meet on a day. Mom who is feeling well is the family’s power center. Here are some tips what to promise on a New Years Eve to be well in year 2013:

1. Most important thing to create wellbeing lies in our thoughts and positive attitude. We are surrounded with everything good, if we just open our eyes to it. It is only waste of energy to focus those negative things in a time when we have so much to be happy about.

What to promise
Make a promise to add things to your life, that make you smile, laugh, energetic, loving, passionate or closer to nature. Things that get you closer to your spirit and wellbeing of body and mind.

2. This is the time when people promise to lose weight. But which is more important; how you look outside or what you feel inside? And how your body is feeling? Think, what do you want by losing weight… what is your body saying to you? Do you want to get rid of some symptoms or get more energy?

What to promise
Promise to listen to your body and take better care of it. Move and eat like your body wants you to. Promise to get more time to sleep, even it means less time for TV or work. If you take better care of yourself, you will lose weight automatically.

3. How do we make time for everything? First we need to think what is important to us and what we don’t actually need. Advertisements say that we need everything. But do we really need that all? Which is more important; some random stuff or time to play with our children? Watching TV or having conversation with our families?

What to promise
Promise to be more present to people that you love. Listen to what they want to say to you and what they want to do with you.  Here’s a thought; to be present – to be a gift. A gift to you and people around you.

These are my promises for improving my wellbeing:
– I promise to do yoga more, because it increases my energy.
– I promise to write you tips how to improve your body’s wellbeing and I’m going to follow those tips also.
– I promise to shut down television every time when somebody comes to visit.

Mari Tynkkynen – Mari is a woman behind Terapiaperhonen Oy. She is occupational therapist. Besides that she does also nutrition coaching, which is based on functional medicine, FLT Ravintovalmentaja – Pro Health®. (Links only in Finnish)

Mari thinks that everything is linked to everything. That’s why we need to think widely and explore the world. The most important thing is to listen to our own body and mind.

Wellbeing from nature

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