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New technology is double-edged sword. In the other hand it can make you feel agitated, frustrated and powerless while developing faster than we can keep up and presenting us technical problems that we can’t solve. In the other hand it can be so useful and make our life easier!

Let’s take an example; ebooks. I only found them recently. And what a found it was!

My husband had installed kindle app on his ipad and downloaded a book from Amazon. He was eager to demonstrate its features to me. I was quite surprised to learn the things I really hadn’t thought about. With ebook app you can for example..

– search keywords inside the book
– change font size and type
– change the background color
– highlight things easily with the color of your choice
– share your highlights in Twitter or Facebook with just few simple swipes
– create notes
– highlight a word and get a definition to it straight away
– see popular highlights that others have made

I think ebooks are easy to read with tablets and with some adjustments ok for your eyes too. I still like old fashioned books, but ebooks have some very good benefits. They’re more sustainable (and ecological) than paper books and they cost a bit less. I’m quite sure I’m going to read ebooks in the future quite a lot!






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