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365 Ways To Wellbeing – 2nd Way

We got some homemade apple juice from our friends  for Christmas (Thank you so much Elina and Kimmo!). I love homemade apple juice! It`s definitely one of my favorite drinks. However, I`m not able to get homemade apple juice very often. So it`s a luxury for me. That`s why I just don`t want to drink it in the same way as I drink water or milk on a daily basis. I want to make the moment special. This time I did it by drinking my apple juice from a nice wine glass. I combined that with my new women`s magazine and my little, everyday luxury moment was guaranteed!

A glass of home made apple juice in a wine glass

women's magazine on the table

woman reading a women's magazine and having a glass of apple juice with candles on the table with some flowers

wine glass filled with apple juice in a woman's hand

woman taking a zip of home made apple juice from a wine glass

a wine glass on the table and small candles burning in the background

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