Spend A Peaceful Moment With Your Baby


365 Ways To Wellbeing – 3rd Way

When our firstborn was born, it was easy to give her all of my attention because she was the only child. Now that we have two children, I have to share my attention. It`s hard because I`d like to give more attention for both of them than I`m able to. Inadequacy is definitely a feeling that has come to my life. With that I just need to learn to live with.

This morning Liilia was waking up earlier than Unna. We spend a nice, peaceful half an hour together in our couch – just two of us. I got so much energy from that moment for the whole day!

small baby looking at mom

small baby on mom's arms

small baby in mother's arms looking straight into her eyes


woman's arm resting on a sofa candles and lantern on background

mom smiling while thinking happy thoughts

mom touching her baby softly on her cheek

small baby girl smiling

mom rubbing baby's belly and smiling and baby looking happy

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