Naming ceremony


Year is changing today. A lot of things happened in year 2012. Most of all year 2012 was for me a year of my second pregnancy. Pregnancy that was challenging but that ended happily when our second daugter was born in November.

This weekend we had our baby`s naming ceremony. When we thought about the name with my husband, we wanted it to be related to the things that are dear for us –  nature and family. Based on that our daughter got her name:

Liilia Helmi Elina

Liilia – According to flower called “Lilja” (Lily). Helmi (Pearl) – According to my own, past grandmother. And Elina (finnish version of Helen) – According to my husband`s grandmother whose funeral we had only a week ago.

god parents gathered around in naming ceremony

naming ceremony and babygirl sleeping

small girl sitting and almost sleeping

godparents reading horoscope in a naming ceremony

Two women holding a baby girl

proud godparents

godparents gathered around a baby girl

small girl holding a cup of juice in her hand

mom and dad with the baby girl in naming ceremony

happy mom and dad with their daughters

baby girl footprints painted on a card for godparents

cakes for naming ceremony

mango orange cake for celebration

Happy new year 2013!

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