Double Recipes


365 Ways To Wellbeing – 264th Way

As you´ve seen in my blog our family likes to have homemade food. For us, homemade food is one of the most luxurious things in life. The sound of a boiling mushroom soup in the kitchen or the scent of homemade bread are the things that give wellbeing and happiness to my everyday life.

However all things, even the things you like a lot, change in the long run. They can become boring if you HAVE TO do them always in a hurry or do them too often. They turn into obligations and you lose the joy. It beginning to happen to my bread baking. Now that Liilia has also started to eat bread I find myself baking bread almost every week. And actually I wound’t have time to it. So what to do when I still want our family to eat homemade bread?

Double recipes“, that is what I said to myself this day. The fact is that the bigger your family is, the more food you have to make.  This day I baked twice as much rye bread as I`ve usually baked. I was surprised that it didn´t even took twice as long! Now we have homemade rye bread in a freezer for almost three weeks. I´m happy happy 🙂





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