365 ways to wellbeing – 136th way


Be happy for your child

The pure joy of your own child. This day it was all that I needed to feel good.

Coughing that has lasted for weeks is now gone. Hopefully for good.

No more staying inside and just at home. It´s time to go outside and play!

You should have seen how happy Unna was when we took her to the playground. 🙂

Human being is definetely ment to move. Especially outdoors!

small girl in carousel on playground

girl sliding through tube playground

girl swinging playground

colorful face carved in wood

mom and daughter sitting on playground bench and playing

playground sign

baby daughter and mom playing at playground

mom and daughter riding wooden horse playground

mom and small baby on playground

young girl playing in sand box

girl making sandcakes at the playground

dad and baby daughter rubbing faces

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