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Dig up your old photographs

You remember how I told you Liilia got her name according to flower “Lilja” (Lily) and her second name  “Helmi” (Pearl) according to my own, past grandmother?

In the naming ceremony me and my mother remembered that of few photos we have of my past grandmother Helmi, the one is where she is by the Lily flowerbed.

Our memory was correct. My mother found that photo somewhere and there Helmi is with Lilies. It was so nice to show that to Liilia and also to Unna and my husband.

Because it was still raining outside we got and idea to look at also other old photos. I was so happy to show Unna some old photos about me and my siblings and Unna´s grandparents and great-grandparents.

So this day it was looking at old photos that made me feel good. While looking at the photos I realized again how fast the time is flying!


I´m really happy that my parents have old photos of our family. Some of them are even from the 19th century!


A photo about my grandmother Helmi is definitely one photo that I want to save for my children


Unna has been afraid of tractors but when she saw this photo about me driving a tractor she said that she wants to drive it too


Me and my big sister


The bookshelves on the background continue their lives in our girls’ room as toy boxes


For Unna it was hard to realize that that baby is really me


My mother as a young girl – a clear resemblance with me and Unna


My grandmother and her mother teaching my mother how to make Karelian pies


This photo book is totally another story…

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