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While I was cleaning up the girls´wardrobe I noticed that Unna was the same size with Liilia two years ago during winter and around Christmas. That´s why I couldn´t find almost any summer clothes or dresses for Liilia among Unna´s old clothes.

We have a great “recycling circle” with my mother friends. From them I´ve got most of the clothes that our girls´have used. For return I´ve been able to borrow our girls´clothes for their children. Great arrangement!

After noticing the lack of suitable clothes I called to one of my mother friends, Riikka. I asked her would she happen to have any babies summer clothes. Their daughter was born during summertime so they did.

This day we met. I chose summer clothes for Liilia among the clothes that were already too small for their daughter. Riikka on the other hand chose bigger clothes for their daughter among Unna´s clothes that were already too small for her.

Recycling – that made me feel good this day!

Btw! This is one great way to remember what clothes you have borrowed: Take pictures of the clothes you have borrowed and save them to your phone with that person´s name from whom you have borrowed them.





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