Boat interior


After our weeding project it was time for a boat life again. First days in a boat are  always more or less settling down so that everything finds its own place in the boat. This spring I bought Moomin enamel mugs for the boat. They needed to be hang up in an easy place in a boat because they are used very often during the day.

Moomin mugs

Little My is Unna`s, Stinky is dad`s and Moomintroll & Snorkmaiden is the mom`s mug. The fourth one, Moominpappa & Moominmamma is for the forthcoming baby.


I wanted to decor our boat in “not so traditional way”

Handy man

It´s good to have a handy man as a husband


Wife is happy! Now we have a little bit of Indian style not only at home but also in our boat


You don`t need a lot of toys in a boat because the nature offers so many

Old boat

There`s always something to fix in an old boat. It`s also normal that the first week brings some inconvenient surprises that needs to be fixed.

Moomin mug

Unna hasn`t yet learned that you can`t throw things over the boat railing. This time it was the Moomin mug which sank to the lake bottom.

Fisherman`s skills

Fisherman`s skills help when you need to lift something from the lake bottom

Happy end

Happy end for this event! Little My mug has been saved and put to its own place.

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