Family angling


Weather was not the best for the first days on a boat. However slowly it started to get better and when it rains for days, nothing feels as good as a beautiful, warm and calm summer evening. It was a time for our first family angling evening!


Dropping the anchor to the lake bottom and the angling can start!


There`s some fisherwoman in me so I`m not afraid of putting the worm on a hook.


Angling is a good way to relax and enjoy the summer evening


We are happy that angling is genuinely a thing that the whole family enjoys and something we can do together

Changing place

Changing the angling place

Unna`s first time

This is Unna`s first angling summer

Safe way

This is the safe way for a two year old to do the angling

Doing together

I believe that you can keep a child with you almost everywhere as long as you consider safety issues. And when the child goes with you, she also learns about life all the time in a versatile way.


This time the mom got the biggest perch


Unna was a little bit afraid of the alive perch


The hook was so deep in the perch`s mouth that taking that out was our fisherman`s job


Unna was really concentrated when she followed how Henri handled the perch


It`s good to take the blood out of the fish before you put it into a bucket

Good night

Another nice day in a lake is over and its time to go for a sleep!

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