A day at the grandma`s


On the last weeding day Henri put me to rest because of the baby. We read some books with Unna. But because the weather was good we didn`t want to stay in the house the whole day. We decided to make expedition to grandma`s yard and vegetable garden and  to explore how all the seedling there had started to grow. I have noticed that the baby also likes small walks so our expedition was also good for him/her.


Our expedition started with some boat preparations. It was time to dig the worms for angling.

Best worm place

The best place to find angling worms is next to our vegetable garden


This was Unna`s first time to see worms. A child`s life is a constant learning process.

Farm life

There are lots of exciting things at the grandparent`s farm…


…like grandpa`s tracktors.

Chives and salads

At grandma`s yard chives and salads are growing well


My mom has also her own vegetable garden and yard to take care of


Zucchinis are growing next to the playhouse


We took the risk not to cover our cabbages with the gauze. I hope cabbage worms don’t find our cabbages!

Berry crop

It looks that we are having a good gooseberry and red currant crop


Pregnancy is not an illness but it`s true that you just need more resting when you are pregnant. And the time spend with an own child makes a mom always happy!

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