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As a lesson from our last boating season I learned that it`s not nice or in anyway practical to use contact lenses in our “Cellina” boat. And you must have sunglasses on a boat during the summertime in general  – kind of sunglasses which stay in your head now matter what you do.

Every spring I`ve allowed myself to buy something only for me and this spring it was a time for a proper prescription sunglasses. I´ve bought all my glasses from a one place – from Visio-optikko.

The things that I appreciate in shopping and in fashion

So , why I`ve bought all of my glasses from the same place. When I thought about the reasons I realized that they are the same reason that I appreciate in general in shopping and in fashion:

1) Good quality; I prefer more and more quality over quantity.

My Dolce & Cabbana glasses I´ve used on a daily basis now for three years and they are still like new. Visio-optikko has quality and simply good looking glasses like Ralph Lauren, Dolce & Cappana, Bvlgari and Mexx.

2) Great personal service; I`m often old-fashioned in shopping; I like to be served. One reason is the tips that I`ve been able to get from salespersons. Another reason is that service saves my time. I appreciate genuinely friendly and professional service.

I like that in Visio-Optikko they listen to me carefully but that they also may suggest something. They also tell if they think that something may not fit to my features. They`ve also my buying history and they take it into account when I buy something. Last time I ended up get tips about how to teach a child not to use diapers at nighttime anymore (Don`t ask how the conversation went to that…). But it feels nice that I can chat something other than about glasses while making the buying decision.

3 ) Easiness; Sometimes it is just fun to walk and look around in shops. However after having children I have had less time and possibilities to do shopping. When you have little time it helps when you know where you can get what you need and you can just go and buy it, easy and quick.

In Visio-Optikko it took 15 minutes and I had got sight inspection and I´ve made the buying decision. In other words the expertise is excellent in Visio-optikko! Every time I`ll go there I`ll tell a little bit of what I want. Then they check my features and may ask something about my style. Then they choose different kind of glasses according to my wishes. And among those glasses I`ve always found the right ones.

4) Willingness to support small businesses; When ever possible I like to support small, local businesses by buying their products and services. It simply makes me happy! In small business the previous three things are often fulfilled as well.

I`ve studied regional development. At some point my dream was to work for the regional development of the Finnish countryside. I didn`t end up doing that but  as I graduated I decided two things; One was that I wanted to live in a place that would need educated people and young families. Another thing was that when ever possible I promised to myself to try to support small, local businesses. That`s practical regional development if you ask me!


Visio-optikko – Olavinkatu 33, Savonlinna

Ralph Lauren

My main criteria was that the sunglasses should be simple and match with all kinds of clothes

Too big

Too big are just too big


Some day I may buy something like these…


The choice has been made!

The choice

My new Ralph Lauren – You`re going to see them in many pictures this summer


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