A boat home


These pictures are memories from the summer 2011. It was the first summer when our family actually lived in our boat “Cellina” for five weeks. We had bought that boat previous autumn. Boat is old but is works (Aquara, build in 1970 if some men readers are interested). There is room for our small family and possibilities to really live there; cabin, toilet, electricity and gas stove. Before “Cellina” we had and still have Henri`s fishing boat.  A rowing boat with a small motor. Compared to that “Cellina” is luxurious.


When I get on boat I totally forget the troubles of my everyday life


Henri is our main captain, but also I can use our boat if needed

Being in nature is quality f life

Lifestyle close to the nature combines me and Henri. Despite of that we had our own prejudices about living in “Cellina” with Unna. However, soon our prejudices turned out to be unnecessary and we realized that this is just what we want for our summers; to be in the nature and teach also Unna to be there. Have lots of fresh air, do fishing and canoeing, relax and be together – have a life around the basic things.


Boat life is perfect for the children


We spent Unna`s first birthday on Uuraansaari island near Savonlinna


Last summer Unna was learning to walk and eat on the boat

A boat life is a big part of our lifestyle. We are ready to do a lot so it`s possible for us to live in a boat every summer. We`ve dreamed about bigger boat and longer boating trips to elsewhere in Saimaa lake district. But they can wait – we don`t want to rush. We`ve still much to see in our neighbourhood.

For us the most important thing is the being on the lake, not the kilometers that we`ve sailed or the speed. Quality first, not the quantity – that guides our lifestyle more and more.

Everyday life

Everyday life on the boat


Sun isn`t always shining but it doesn`t matter when you`ve weatherproof equipments


Idyllic Oravi village has well-equipped guest harbour


Mari is sunbathing, Henri driving and Unna playing

Wellbeing and health from nature

By writing about our boat life I`d like to courage people to go to the nature. It’s good for the wellbeing. I don`t mean that you should do the same as us. Often already a short walk in the forest helps. Or a bicycle trip to the countryside.

There are many research made about the positive effects of nature on human`s mind and health. I know that also without reading, but it would be interesting to get to know to them. When that day comes, I`ll tell you what I`ve learned.


Reading is my favourite hobby on the boat


We have been surprised how well we all sleep in the boat

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