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365 Ways To Wellbeing – 67th Way

Visiting Globe Hope`s headquarters was one thing that I looked forward during our Helsinki trip. Another was my visit to the hairdressing saloon Dynastia.

There is a saying that “hair is a woman`s crown“. Well, my hair hasn`t been my crown for a long time  – too long.

What comes to my hair I`ve been fed up with my reflection in the mirror already for a long time. A tight bun or a ponytail are practical solutions for a mother of small children but I`m SO tired of them.

A total hair makeover was the thing I needed to correct the situation. That is what I did this day.

And look at the results! In 3 hours and after hair dye, chocolate, cappuccino, head massage, haircutting and chatting with my new sweet and super skilled hairdresser, a witch turned into a normal looking 32 year-old woman.

I can`t even describe how much my new look (and 3 hours of pampering myself) refreshed me!

If you want something to cheer you up, do hair makeover! It is so worth it!




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