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365 Ways To Wellbeing – 37th Way

Last time I visited outside my home region in the beginning of September (!!). It was a time when I was pregnant and I made my last business trip to Helsinki. I said to my husband already during Christmas that I love my home region but soon I WILL BECOME INSANE if I don’t get to go somewhere farther than a local grocery store!

Luckily in the end of February Henri has his winter holiday and a week of paternity leave. Then our whole family goes to Helsinki together. All pictures below are somehow related to our short holiday trip. In Helsinki I also have a blog business meeting that I`m so excited about!!!

There are still many week until we go to Helsinki. But this day I was all smiles as I booked a hotel room for us.

It gives so much energy to carry on ordinary everyday life when you have something really nice and fun to wait for!


We wanted to stay in a hotel that is close to Helsinki city center and is good for families – Scandic Continental Helsinki was our choice this time. Photo: www.scandichotels.com


I`m so looking forward to visit Globe Hope`s store in Helsinki! Photo: www.globehope.com


Jolie is one store I`m going to visit too (webpages only in Finnish) Photo: http://jolie.fi/


Let´s see what I`m going to look like after visiting hairdresser Dynastia… (Webpages only in Finnish) Photo: www.dynastia.fi

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