You maybe have already noticed that in some of the pictures in my blog there is a watermark “marianne”. Let me introduce her to you because Marianne is going to be one of my blog visitors also in the future!


Marianne is my dear little sister

Photography and a black-and-white-pictures project

Marianne is my little sister. She is definitely our family`s photographer. I like how Marianne photographs nature, our childhood home and our parents everyday life there. In those pictures I see the similarities between us. I bought my camera a couple of years ago. And when Unna was born we started a project to take black-and-white pictures about Unna and me every year. Some of the ideas for those pictures came from me, some from Marianne. The main thing was that we both were satisfied and realized that the interest in photographing really combines us. Besides Marianne`s own pictures I`ll introduce to you the results of our other common photographing days!

Young Marianne

Marianne doesn`t know that I have found this childhood picture of her – so looking forward to her reaction!

Natural beauty and being yourself

What comes to natural beauty, I think Marianne is one example of it. Marianne has a beautiful personality. She is genuine and sunny. You hear very seldom Marianne to complain. She is helpful. She has been Unna`s nanny many times which I´m thankful for! It doesn`t matter what is the situation or with whom Marianne is, she is able to be just herself. I`m proud of her. It´s not a typical feature for a person 20+ (althought Marianne also has some of those typical features).


Marianne made this painting last winter. It`s like Marianne herself.


I feel that my and Marianne`s view about natural beauty is pretty similar

Young and free

Marianne is young and free and I think that with her mind she is going to stay like that too

Sources of wellbeing and happiness

I asked Marianne to write about her sources of wellbeing and happiness. This is how she answered:

“Little things makes me happy. Good song at the right moment. When tomato is cut nicely and isn’t smashed. Beautiful view, delicious cake, walking in the morning mist, happy faces. When you meet a stranger and both just start to laugh. Laughter in general. And people. One of my favourite hobbies is to sit on places where there are lot of people (like railway stations, air ports, market place 3.30 am) and watch people to come and go. You never know which one of them you are going to meet sometime in the future. Colours make my day happy. And the people who are not afraid to use them. Hobbies of course – photography, crochet, reading, painting. While doing those things I forget everything else for a moment. Living in a moment, intuition, improvisation. It`s much more fun to do things ex tempore than when they are planned beforehand. Family and friends of course. Especially those kind of friends who you haven`t seen for years and when you`ll see, you`ll pick up from the same situation where you left of. Keeping contact. A call from the past so that someone just want to ask you “How are you?””


Also Marianne likes Moomins

You will find here all Marianne´s photos that I´ve been published so far.

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