Hear Spring in Saimaa Travel Call and Feel Refreshed and Reborn


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Tove Jansson loved borders in life. The older I get, I’ve noticed the more I love them too. Like spring between white and cold wintertime and green and hot summertime. The increasing sunlight and awakening of nature in spring make you feel refreshed and reborn.

Hear spring in Saimaa travel call and feel refreshed and reborn

Spring awakens trees, birds, animals people – all to grow and blossom 

Spring freshness comes when it’s not too cold or too warm. The weather is just suitable. And how on a daily basis you can notice some signs of growth in plants. That feels amazing! Not to mention how you notice the change on us Finns. Along with spring, we wake up to live more too. There hasn’t a study made, but I bet if it would be done, the result be that Finnish people start to smile and talk more (even though many of us loves wintertime too). That’s the effect of the arrival of summertime!

Hear spring in Saimaa travel call and feel refreshed and reborn

Spring spruce sprouts and blueberry flowers to eat wild herbs and feel refreshed and reborn

Along with nature’s awakening, all kinds of fresh, wild food starts to grow. Light green spruce sprouts and blueberry flowers are on my TOP list to eat straight from nature in spring.

Saimaa ringed seal in spring by the lakeside rock in Finland

The world’s most endangered seal species -Saimaa ringed seal- is very dear to us Finns. Spring is the best time to see these cuties because they come to sunbathe on lakeside rocks. Many Saimaa nature activity companies arrange guided seal safaris. 

To watch this 360° video of our Saimaa ringed seal safari guided by SaimaaHoliday Oravi, tap on this link https://youtu.be/Gm-czfeV04I in your Youtube app. In Youtube app you can watch the video also with a virtual reality headset. Remember to turn on HD to get better quality!

Hear spring in Saimaa and Linnansaari national park travel call and feel refreshed and reborn

Linnansaari national park in Rantasalmi represents Finnish Lakeland and Saimaa lake nature as its best. The biggest island is also called “Linnansaari” and the view from its highest point Linnavuori is worth seeing.

Saimaa spring is full of Finnish nature and culture inspired travel experiences

Saimaa has a lot to offer for travelers in all four seasons; summer, autumn, winter, and spring. One good place to start planning your own Saimaa travel is the Visit Saimaa travel site.

nature and food visit saimaa travel map, finland

Feel free to choose any season and build your own kind of Saimaa travel. We built last year saimaaLife summer and winter virtual tours around Savonlinna, Punkaharju, and Kerimäki. This spring again around Mikkeli, Ristiina and Rantasalmi. The travel companies and destinations in our spring virtual tour were the following: (Tips to you too!)

  • In Mikkeli Tertti Manor is an authentic family manor and an old farm. Tertti’s historical milieu is amazing and it has also its own organic garden. In its restaurant Tertti offers dishes made out of clean locally sourced ingredients of the season. Besides the restaurant and cafe, there are also a few hotel rooms at Tertti and a boutique definitely worth to visit.
  • In Juva Teahouse of Wehmais is The place in Finland to experience the amazing world of different teas and both salty & sweet local delicacies combined with teas. Both Teahouse of Wehmais and Tertti Manor were chosen with the prize of the best food tourism product in Finland in 2019. 
  • In Ristiina Astuvansalmi rock paintings are one of the largest rock paintings in the Nordic. You can experience them from the waters . Yet another place worth to see in Saimaa where nature and culture meets!
  • In Rantasalmi, Hotel & Spa Resort Järvisydän. Already since the year 1685 the Heiskanen family has provided travel services in Porosalmi. The place is very unique with its medieval style and was chosen as Finland TOP travel destination in 2020.
  • In Savonlinna, SaimaaHoliday Oravi offers a wide variety of guided Saimaa lake nature activities around Linnansaari and Kolovesi national park. The entrepreneur couple Misa and Jukka run also the largest canoeing center in Saimaa, 17 lakeside villas, a hotel, and a restaurant in the idyllic Oravi village.

Our tour included also a home visit of Tanja, my friend, and the entrepreneur behind Yoga Saimaa. We didn’t do SUP yoga at Tanja’s place but she did guide us to small outdoor yoga relaxation which helped us to breathe in the fresh spring energy in us.

Saimaa spring virtual tour by saimaaLife and eco-conscious Japan

Saimaa spring virtual tour gifts

Our virtual travelers were not able to buy Saimaa souvenirs themselves but through our travel, many Saimaa ringed seals found still a new home through our travel lottery. You find different kinds of Saimaa ringed seal souvenirs from many places in Saimaa.

Saimaa spring virtual tour by saimaaLife and eco-conscious Japan

What would a spring travel without a refreshing small rain!

Tertti Manor travel company in Mikkeli, Saimaa, Finland

Tertti Manor is located only a few minutes’ drive from the Mikkeli city center. It takes about 2,5 hour by train to come to Mikkeli from Helsinki.

Astuvansalmi rock paintings in Ristiina, Saimaa, Finland

Astuvansalmi rock paintings are painted by the local Saimaa people in the Stone age about 5700 years ago. You find about 80 paintings from Astuvansalmi. Also, the place is worth seeing – the lake nature there is very beautiful.  

Yoga Saimaa Tanja in Rantasalmi, Saimaa, Finland

In summertime on the water, in wintertime on the ice, and in all seasons outdoors. That’s how Tanja guides yoga in Saimaa. I do yoga outdoors too and I highly recommend trying. Nature makes yoga feel even more wonderful!

Hotel and Spa Resort Järvisydän travel company and entrepreneur Markus Heiskanen -Rantasalmi, Saimaa, Finland

The entrepreneur Markus Heiskanen warmly welcomes all as the guest of the Hotel & Spa Resort Järvisydän!  The unique style of Järvisydän has mainly come from the creative mind of this 11th generation entrepreneur.

saimaaLife ladies at Lake Spa of Järvisydän in Rantasalmi, Saimaa, Finland

Lake Spa of Järvisydän is the most ecological spa in Finland. Environmental values have been taken into account also in other  services and the whole resort of Järvisydän.

SaimaaHoliday lake safari in Linnansaari national park, Saimaa, Finland

There are many ways to head to the waters in Saimaa, like guided lake safaris, canoeing, SUP and steam ship cruises. Choose the way which fits the best for your interests.

Teahouse of Wehmais in Juva, Saimaa, Finland

The entrepreneur of Teahouse of Wehmais, Anna Grotenfelt-Paunonen, is one of a very few tea sommeliers in Finland. 

Let nature give you life inspiration

We were happy to see and hear how our spring virtual tour guests enjoyed their visit in Saimaa. We hope you will enjoy yours too in the future! Before that, let’s all hope that Covid-19 is soon behind and international traveling is possible again.

However, even though traveling possibilities are limited, we can also now go and experience nature closer to our home. At the end of our virtual tours, I gave always one nature inspired thought for our tour participans to put. Now I want to give it to you too: 

Participants of Saimaa spring virtual tour by saimaaLife and eco-conscious Japan

“Some things stay the same in nature, like in human life too – but at the same time, like there is a circulation of life and growth going on in nature through different seasons, also we humans have a possibility for rebirth and growth.

I feel it is a very comforting and also encouraging thought that we don’t need to carry all our history but we can leave behind us parts that don’t serve us anymore. We can also take new things with us for the future.

We can GROW and RENEW ourselves. Just like nature grows and renews itself- every year, through all seasons. 

I recommend you take a moment to think about awakening, rebirth, and growth in yourself.

How would you like to grow and renew your life so that you could feel healthier and happier?”

Hear spring in Saimaa travel call and feel refreshed and reborn

I feel this thought and question fit all of us to think a moment. So, when good time, ask yourself: 

How would I like to grow and renew my life so that I could feel healthier and happier?

Also, I warmly welcome you to visit Saimaa one day. 

With love from Saimaa,

Visit Saimaa, Lake Saimaa, Purest Finland

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