Greenness, Welcome to Wake Me Up


There is a time in the spring when the white winter wonderland is away and everything looks just grey and monotonous.

But then you notice that the days are longer and lighter. You feel the warmth of the sun on you and you see the first seedlings of greenness. And suddenly – nature wakes up totally. 

And it feels like we people are waking up at the same time too. Spring nature greenness by the blue lake Saimaa in Finland

Hand touching spring nature greenness in Saimaa, FinlandWoman walking in the spring nature in Saimaa, FinlandIn the spring I always notice how much I have missed you, greenness.

Woman touching the spring nature birch leaves in Saimaa, Finland

And the best part is that the whole summer is just ahead.

All the beauty and energy of the nightless night

Woman sitting in nature by the lake and watching the sunset in Saimaa, Finland

Green spring birch trees in Saimaa Finland

For us, it is the greenness of nature now.

How about you?

What could make you wake up to live more?

Woman sitting by the lake in spring and watching the sunset in Saimaa, Finland

Peaceful sunset moment by the lake in Saimaa Finland

With love from Saimaa,


Ps. Spring is also the time when we start growing food indoors before the outdoor gardening season. If you wanna try it, here are our instructions on how to grow pea shoots indoors. They are yummy and full of nature’s fresh green energy and vitamins!

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