Let Your Principles Bend


365 Ways To Wellbeing – 88th Way

No dead creatures to our living room. 

I have very few principles but that is one of them. Or it was. It was until my husband got THE fish – the Finland`s biggest ice-fishing perch.Right after he brought it home he said that he wants it to be stuffed and on display.

This day the mail brought our new family member. My husband asked cautiously where he could put it. I wanted to say “to your hobby room” There is still one room in our home that you haven´t seen. I called it my husband`s hobby room because it´s full of his stuff like fishing equipments, music instruments and x-box.

But I couldn´t. It would have been too cruel for him. So I said “Let´s put it to our living room”. After I had re-balanced our bookshelves I looked at that perch. It felt good to be able to adapt. However I know how much it means for my husband that THE fish is in our living room.

Besides it´s only a big perch. However a perch is quite cute fish compared to many other big water creatures. And it looks at the lake instead of looking at me.  “Luckily my husband is not a hunter“. That was also one positive thing that I thought this day…

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