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365 Ways To Wellbeing – 33rd Way

As I`ve told you I`m a fishing widow. My husband`s all time favorite hobby is fishing. Ice fishing, trolling, bait casting, jigging – he does them all. With love.

I support my husband`s hobby. Or at least I try to support. I`m happy that he is able to get us some food by fishing. I`m also happy if he is happy – and fishing makes him happy.

However, lately my husband hasn`t been that happy after his fishing trips. The reason is simple; he hasn`t got any fish or very little. A bad thing for a fisherman`s self-esteem and mood (and bad for his wife).

But this day my husband was probably the happiest fisherman in Finland. He caught the biggest ice fishing perch ever registered in Finland! It was also the second biggest ever caught in Finland.

The weight of that HUGE perch was 2495 g! During the same trip he also caught 26 kilos of perch in total. Guess what we are going to eat the whole winter!

So this day I was really happy -and very proud- for my loved one. My husband`s joy made also me happy so there was plenty of happiness in this family on that day!





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