Sowing the vegetable garden


Ever since my childhood we have had a vegetable garden. As a child I did there what my mom told me to do – usually weeding. It was only those years when I was studying and living elsewhere when the vegetable garden was not in anyway a part of my summer.


This summer I sowed spinach, peas, beans, salad, dill, parsnip, parsley, beetroot, radish, unions and some flowers

Vegetable gardening together with mom

When I was pregnant, I got an idea. I suggested my mom that we would put up a vegetable garden together on our farm and that she could teach me really how to take care of that.

Mom promised to teach me and now this is my second summer when I have my own vegetable garden. My mom has her own and we have something that we cultivate together (carrots, potatoes, swedes, zucchini, broccoli, cauliflower, red cabbage and Brussels sprout).


I like working on the vegetable garden – It´s relaxing

Relaxed attitude most of all!

Me and my mom are in a way easygoing groundskeepers, and I like it that way. I like our countryman`s attitude. We like to make experiments; try always something new or do something in a little bit different way and wait for the results. Maybe if we would be more pedantic and really study gardening we could get bigger crops. But it doesn`t matter because anyway we have got so big crop every year that it has lasted till the next summer and more.


I`m not a pro (yet) with vegetable garden. This spring I`m afraid that I put the seeds too deep


Henri makes delicious parsnip-pike perch- soup. I`ll give you the recipe later on!


This spring there was a lot mosquitos in our vegetable garden that Unna had to drop out her plays


Our work of the day is done!

After the midsummer the weeding and thinning out starts – We`ll be back to our vegetable garden then!

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