The power poem


Power song, power thought, power place… it may have many shapes. The thing that combines them is that it gives power, strength and courage to its owner. I have a power poem.

You`re good enough as you are

My power poem is a poem that my mom has written to me on a photograph book which she and my dad gave to me on my wedding day. To that book my mom had collected pictures about me and our family. In the beginning of the book there is this poem. Every time I read it, I get tears to my eyes. But it`s not because of the sadness, it`s because of the joy. Because then I know that I will survive. That I´m good enough as I am.

My power poem goes like this:

Mari, you are a sunshine
in amazement we can only wish
all the good things to your path
you are one of kind in a large crowd
hold on to your inner glow
and you will light up the path of others too

My power poem

My Power poem

Remember courage and positivity in life

I´m excited, very excited. My blog journey started about a year ago when I got the idea. For a year I`ve planned SaimaaLife while cooking, doing laundry and waiting for a sleep. I`ve thought about myself and my history. Gone through almost all the pictures that I have about myself. Started a journey inside me. A journey that I feel just has to be done.

Exciting thing is that I don`t know for what this blog opening is the beginning. For good, for bad – surely for learning. And that`s ok. That is what I want. And I want to say to myself  (and to you) that the excitement is a good thing – it means that something is important to you. So do not be afraid of it. Enjoy the excitement. Enjoy that the life is exciting!

Power poem 2

When I`m feeling blue, reading my power poem helps

People have lots of beginnings in their life – big and small beginnings. Always it feels exciting to start, to take the first step. At that moment power poem (or what ever shape it has) helps. Just be yourself  and look at the bright side of the life – and you realize that life actually is a quite wonderful experience!

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