Have You Heard the Sound of a Christmas Tree?


Of course, it’s the whole experience that is important. 

Starting from the preparations so that the place in the living room is ready when the tree comes.

Walking in the snowy forest is relaxing; listening to the silence around and breathing in fresh air while looking for the one that makes you say “This is it!”

For me sawing the tree myself is important too. The feeling in your body and mind is amazing after you have done the sawing and carried the tree to the car.

For me, it’s also visiting my childhood home at the same time.

Every year I ask my parents “Can I take one spruce from the forest for the Christmas?”

Every year they answer, “Yes, of course!”

And I thank them and feel grateful for having this opportunity to take my own Christmas tree from the forest.  

I’m not sure whether I have told my parents that all I need for the Christmas is the tree.

Anyhow, one year when I was studying at the university in Joensuu my father surprised me. 

He drove 125 km to bring me a small tree.

” I thought you want to have a Christmas tree also here.” He said while he stood at the door.

I’m not even sure whether I even remembered to thank him. So stunned I was about his gesture. 

It’s all the time and work to get the tree inside. Measuring the right height and getting the tree standing straight.

It’s the feeling to have a piece of nature indoors. An actual tree!!

It’s as great feeling every year.

It’s also the waiting and checking every once in a while whether the tree is dry enough so that I can put the Christmas lights and a star to the treetop. 

Decorating the tree lost it’s importance when I became a mom. Watching the children while they do it in their own way, is more important now.  

For me, more and more, the thing is really the tree and the way it lights the dark December evenings.

However, I do have few special decorations. One is an angel that my mom made to me about 10 years ago. Another one is a star that I bought from Norway when I was living there. 

“Mom here’s the angel so you can put it.”

Yes, our children have learned already that they are special.

In winter the life of our family goes around the fireplace. In Christmas time it’s the Christmas tree. 

No day goes by when I found myself touching the branches and admiring the beauty of the tree. 

But the sound of the tree. That has become more and more important. 

The sound when the snowy tree is brought into the house and it starts to melt. It does not last long but it feels like the tree is talking. Humming some song maybe.

The older I’ve grown, more precious the sound has become.

It’s a magical sound. 

It is something worthwhile to stop listening.

If you want, here you can see what kind of Christmas tree our family have had in previous years: 

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