These Are Our People


That feeling is one of the most wonderful feelings in life. It could be even the most wonderful and maybe also the most meaningful feeling. Not just only in personal relationships but also in working life. That feeling is the connection with another human being.

It erases the feeling of loneliness. It’s also a wonderful basis for building anything in the world.

The human connection – or the lack of it – is revealed by the slightest gestures: a look, a posture or a choice of words. It’s the first impression before any words have been spoken. The feeling that you get in the presence of another person.

This is something to pay attention to in our relationships. Sometimes we yearn the connection so badly that we start mentally listing the rational arguments for that connection to be built. Only in hindsight can we see how things really were and if there was a basis for that connection to begin with.

I have had to learn many of my life lessons the hard way. That’s why it’s been a relief to notice that you can practice the interpersonal and observing skills that you use to feel out other people and the outside world. Those skills will also improve when you rise up to the challenge to use them more and more.

Building the connection requires also a great amount of honesty – mostly with ourselves.

We need the courage to say “no, thanks” when we don’t feel like committing to something. On the other hand, we need to have the trust to depend on one another and act when the feeling is right.

Being open to new possibilities is another crucial thing in relationships. Situations develop, people grow, and life makes us grow us in different pace and in different ways. Who knows, you and I could be currently growing closer to each other as we speak!

In this puzzle of life, one of the key factors is timing – and the element of surprise.

“These are our people.” That’s how beautifully Hecktic Travels wrote in their blog after visiting us a couple of years back. That’s the same sentence I said to my husband after meeting Asaka and Takashi the first time in Helsinki. We were so excited that this couple, who shared the affection to our home country and same values with us, had suddenly stepped into our life.

We were happy to see that the feeling was mutual. Already one month after the first encounter our families were spending the weekend at our place in Punkaharju. Our new friendship felt like an old one. As Asaka and I were discussing the Finnish and Japanese food cultures and our husbands were immersed in conversation about virtual reality technology, all of us noticed our similar mindsets and ways of thinking. We noticed the warm connection.

After our guests had left, I sat down in the living room and watched the glistening Christmas tree that we had brought in and decorated together. As I was sitting there, I thought about my dream about building the SaimaaLife concept and creating something that has strong roots in Finland but also branches that spread and connect around the world. With the support of our new friends and partners that dream will take a giant leap forward in 2017. What that means to you, my dear readers, I will tell more about when the time is right. I’m eternally grateful for your support that you have given me this year. With your help and support the story of SaimaaLife will continue also next year.

“Beautiful things are created when we appreciate what we have, and when we are open to what we can give to each other.”

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