It`s time to uproot the vegetable garden


Four weeks from sowing and the weeds have taken over our vegetable garden

After one hour

I have rooting out for one hour and here`s the result. Still couple of more weeding hours to go…


My weeding clothing againts the army of mosquitos

Mother helps

The baby in my stomach didn`t like the weeding posture so my mom came to help me out the next day


I didn`t remember how all the seedlings look alike. Luckily my mom is a good teacher.

Smallest ones

Sometimes it takes a while to find the smallest seedlings


I like weeding together with my mom. At the same time we talk and I always learn some new vegetable garden tips from her.


Learning by doing is for me the best way to learn


There it is – a parsnip seedling! Maybe next summer I already remember what it looks like.


Also beetroots had sprouted out well

Different weeding postures

There are different postures to weed. This one was the best for the baby.

Henri helps

On the third day Henri came also to help


All the seedlings saved from the weeds! I am happy!

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