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365 Ways To Wellbeing – 215th Way

This day we did something we had never done before – crayfishing! Crayfish are a seasonal delicacy of late summer here in Finland and my husband was eager to get his hands on those weird creatures. It was also something we could do together as family.

So we headed to my grandmother-in-law’s cottage which we thought would be a perfect place to try it out. It soon turned out that crayfishing is not a work for a busy person. First you have to build up a fish sump where you put your crayfish after catching them. Then you get baitfish for the pots. We did that with wire fish-traps. Then you cut the baitfish for pots and take them to a place you think crayfish are hiding. You leave the pots for the night and check them out early in the morning. Then you start it all over again.

I have to say that crayfishing was an excellent and concrete way to relax! There is no hurry to do anything. You have to do everything according to nature’s rhythm. It easily takes a day to wait the baitfish to go to wire fish-traps. Then you have to wait for the night to come because that’s the time when crayfish are active. There is a lot of waiting and all the action it’s very slow and laid-back. You have a lot of in between time when you can do anything you like. We went for a berry picking trip for example.

We didn’t get any crayfish this time but it didn’t matter that much. It was about being in the cottage and having a nice time with the family. It was about slowing down and forgetting about the rush.

Remember to slow down occasionally – it’s good for your wellbeing.










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