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365 Ways To Wellbeing – 146th Way

I´ve heard jokes about slow life. How slow life means that you really start to do everything slower. You know, like in slow motion way.

Well, slow life can be that sometimes but it´s also much more. It´s an attitude and a way of life. I often say that it´s life according to your natural rhythm. A balanced life. Life where you can be present even though you would be busy. Relaxed way of life that is good for wellbeing of your body, mind and soul.

Lately our family´s life has been everything else than slow – in every sence. We’ve had so much to do that we’ve been doing things faster and faster in order to finish everything we’ve started. It´s ok if you can rest every now and then. If you don’t have that chance you start to grow weaker and damage your wellbeing sooner or later. We´ve noticed that kind of signs in ourselves and that´s bad.

Even though my husband´s leg injury has made many things temporarily harder, it has also brought some good. By forcing us to slow down in a very concrete way the leg injury made us to realize that we had too much on our plate. We noticed that we were too busy to LIVE our life. 

Now my husband can already walk a bit. SLOWLY. This evening we went for a walk with the whole family. We realized how relaxing slow evening walk could be. How walking slower calms down your body and mind. And how much more you can notice around you and take joy in it.

We can´t live as slow as we would like to in this period of our life. But we can arrange slow moments for every day if we really want it. That thought and our evening walk made me happy this day!










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