Precious girlfriend time


I have different kinds of girlfriends; childhood girlfriends, university time girlfriends, mother girlfriends, colleague girlfriends, yoga girlfriends and fishing widow girlfriends. I`m happy about all of my girlfriends.

Three girls

Jaana and Anneli are my colleague girlfriends

Different kinds of friendships give different point of views in life

All of my girlfriends have their own personality and history. All are also at different age; some are younger, some older and some same age as me. Some I´ve known since my childhood and some just for couple of years. Some I have more in common and some less. But all of them are as important. All of them have taught me different point of views in life.

With every girlfriend I share different interests. And because ever person is different, also every friendship is different. I like that. Difference means richness. And rich life is good life.

Summer meeting

Twice a year we arrange free time with just us girls with sports and good food


This time we celebrated my blog opening

Girlfriends bring wellbeing and joy to the life

Men are men and women are women. We share a same character, a human character, but we also have differences. Women are a thing that men have sometimes hard, or impossible, to understand. And there the girlfriends are vital. They understand what is to be a woman. With them you can share the joys and hardships of the womanhood. If you ask me, girlfriends are an important part of wellbeing.

My advice is: Give time to your girlfriends. Let them support you and support them also.

The book

Joy & Elegance – About the beauty of a woman`s life (Author: Maija Paavilainen)


We`ll speak about mostly private things, but also little bit of business


…and we laugh a lot, which gives so much energy for my everyday life.

Hugs to all of my girlfriends – you are important to me!

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