Trust Your Instinct – Try Them On If You’ve A Good Feeling About Them!


365 Ways To Wellbeing – 284th Way

This day I decided to advance my “New me” project  a little bit. Just because I´ve noticed that it makes me very happy every time I have at least a tiny moment for it 🙂 Like when I chose a summer party outfit that felt good on me.

The weather is getting colder so it´s time to think about warmer clothes…Last spring, when I was visiting Globe Hope, I took a pair of tights with me to try them on at home. I was a little surprised about it because me and tights seldom meet each other. I don´t really like tights because they’re just not comfortable. And if something doesn´t feel good, I don´t use them. Or I use them as little as possible. However these tights got my attention so I took them with me.

Since that day I haven´t had need for tights so I hadn’t tried these yet. Not until this day. This day I put them on because I was looking something to wear with this Tiira skirt. Normally I quit to use skirts when the weather gets colder. But this brings so well the best out of me so I`m even ready to wear tights to be able to use that skirt now in October 😉

And o` boy it was so worth it to trust my instinct and took these tights with me last spring! They are so cute! Just PERFECT combination with my Tiira skirt and Klabbi shoes. I can´t believe I say this but tights made me happy this day 😉






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