365 ways to wellbeing – 96th way


Wander around in nature

Doing things and spending time without pressure, along with our own rhythm.Last summer I wrote that sentence in one of my post.

Oh how much I´d like to do that. Wake up in the morning by myself, think what I´d like to do and spend the day by doing things that I want to do.  Or half a day. Or one morning.

I love our girls more than anything but the fact is that they mainly decide my daily rhythm and content nowadays. I have very little “my time”. When I do have that time, it’s very limited and there’s a big pressure to do what I want to do.

Like “You have 30 minutes to relax, so RELAX, NOW!”. And everyone knows how easy that is…

This day my dear friend came to visit me. The weather was beautiful and I asked my husband to be with the girls so that we could go outside. I didn´t say when we would come back hoping that he wouldn´t ask. He didn´t.

Me and Sari went for a walk on the lake. We walked a little bit, took some photos and talked while sitting on the beach. Wandering around – that is what we did. It was so nice and relaxing!

No pressure, no timetable – only good company and beautiful lake view! A highlight of my day!








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