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365 Ways To Wellbeing – 252nd Way

Change frightens us because very change includes uncertainty. We cannot see in the future, we can only guess. I think it’s in our biology to be afraid of changes. That’s how we survived in a hostile world back in the days. Dodged the lions so to speak. Now that fear is carried into this day in our genes even though in the modern world we have much less to be afraid of.

Change is inevitable. Whether we afraid it or not depends much of our attitude. We can see things in a negative or in a positive way. Here’s an example.

Autumn is arriving. Rainy days when you don’t wanna go out, dark evenings, cold mornings when you don’t want to get up from bed, all the leaves falling and making trees look like dead, and so on.

Or we can think..

Autumn is arriving. All those colorful leaves are so pretty, rain makes mushrooms grow, cold nights bring adorable morning mist, it’s so nice to light up some candles and curl up in warm bed and listen the rain. And so on…

So as you can see it really is the key do we want to focus on good or in bad. As always in life.

Enjoy the change! Take the best out of it! Take the best out of autumn and its seasonal delicacies! Suck all the energy you can get from the thought that there’s a silver lining in everything.






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