Island visitors


This summer our boat life takes place in our home region; Savonlinna, Punkaharju and Kerimäki. That`s why we have a good possibility to meet our friends and visit grandma`s during the summer. Many of our friends live elsewhere but their roots are in this region, in the same way as we have. Summer holiday is a time when many of them are visiting their childhood home – and also us.

Fishing widows` day

This time we were happy to get my fishing widow and blogger friend Netta and her spouse as our guests to Petri island on Lake Puruvesi. Men were with us for a while but then they went fishing. It meant that me and Netta had a good time to talk about “womens`stuff”. The day succeeded in every way because in the evening we were also able to enjoy our mens` catch.

Rye bread

Before fishing trip Henri made us delicious rye bread sandwiches. Maybe as a compensation for the forthcoming fishing trip 😉

Iida dog

I`m a big fan of rye bread

Unna and Iida

Iida dog is really protective about children but Unna only liked that


During this boating summer we have had already many dog visitors on the lake

Barbapapa boat

Unna enjoyed our girls` afternoon

On the beach

Concentrated on playing

Iida dog

Iida was happy to be able to play in the forest and on the beach the whole day

The catch

Happy fishermen came home with their catch, couple of  ides, perches and a grayling


Petrinlahti in Petri island on Lake Puruvesi is a one sight that is maintained by the Metsähallitus. Metsähallitus is a state enterprise that administers more than 12 million hectares of state-owned land and water areas in Finland.


Both of our spouses are excellent fish cooks which make us even more happy fishing widows


The taste of ide is very close to bream. Smoked ide was good but had a lot of fishbones.


Delicious fish dinner is a good way to finish a day on the lake

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