Delicious superfood – rye bread


If you meet Finnish people abroad and ask them what  they miss about their home country, the answer is very often rye bread. That would be also my answer. I think it describes well how Finnish rye bread is and how important it is in my culture.

Muhosen luomuruisleipä

In my home region the best rye bread is “Muhosen luomuruisleipä” which is a home-made rye bread made out of organic rye.

Rye bread is delicious superfood

Rye bread and rye in general is superfood. And like all superfoods also rye is extremely healthy and vitamin rich. That is one reason why Finnish are so proud about their tradition to eat a lot of rye bread – and why they in general eat so much rye bread in their everyday life.

About the healthy benefits of rye I will tell you more later on. If you interested in that topic already, check the blog “Rye bread superfood”. There you will find good information about rye, like rye recipes.

Now I only want to say that rye tastes good and it has lot of good health effets. Eat it often in many forms of food! 

Unna and bread

Unna likes also rye bread but didn`t know how to start to eat the whole bread…

Eating bread

…but she figured it out finally 😉

Warm rye bread

Warm rye bread with butter is simple but delicious snack

Rye bread and vendace

Rye bread with butter and vendace is also one of my favourite ways to eat rye bread

In Finland there is rye bread in all crocery stores and markets. If you want to buy my favourite organic rye bread, “Muhosen luomuruisleipä” you can find it from our capital Helsinki from Eat & Joy and from my home town Savonlinna from supermarkets Prisma and Citymarket.

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