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I have a sensitive and dry skin. When I was younger I was only able to use cosmetics bought from a pharmacy. My skintype is still dry but as I have grown older I`ve noticed that it`s not that sensitive anymore. That`s why I`ve started to look for new cosmetics for myself. One product is a lipstick.

Lumene Wild Rose Moisture Lipstick

The natural color of my lips is pretty much nude. That`s why I`ve tried to find a lipstick suitable for me for a long time already. I`ve tried many but all of them have dried my lips. However, this winter I finally found Lumene`s Wild Rose Moisture Lipstick. It actually kept my lips moist. I`m so happy that finally I have a lipstick that is suitable for my lips!

Lumene Wild Rose Moisture Lipstick

I recommend Lumene`s Wild Rose Moisture Lipstick. It really keeps lips moist!

I`m not the only one who recommends Lumene`s Wild Rose Moisture Lipstick. Following comments are from Lumene`s own testing group:

  • “One of the best Lumene lipsticks ever: suitably ‘greasy’, but very long-wearing on the lips”
  • “The test lipstick felt exceptionally pleasant on the lips, and it was easy to apply”
  • “I must admit, out of all my lipsticks, this is definitely the most moisturizing and it feels the most pleasant on the lips”
  • “The best for me so far”

I found color “Midsummer” suitable for my everyday use

Lumene – The Power of Arctic Nature

Lumene was the first cosmetics brand which I tried after pharmacy products. Nowadays I`m looking for more natural and organic cosmetics brands suitable for my skin but I haven’t stop using some of Lumene’s products.

I use Lumene because I like the fact that many of the ingredients of Lumene products are from the arctic nature, like cloudberry, lingonberry, blueberry and heather. Also the prices of Lumene products are reasonable. I`ve found that Lumene has good price-quality relation in their products.

In general Lumene is a holistic beauty and well-being company with two brands: Lumene and Cutrin. Lumene focuses on skincare and color cosmetics, while Cutrin on professional haircare products. Both brands are developed and manufactured in Finland by a team of experts using state-of-the-art technology.

Lumene`s philosophy goes as following:

The Power of arctic nature 

The Nordic summer. Abbreviated, intense, and filled with extreme light and power. During this brief season of midnight sun, after many months of harsh conditions and freezing temperatures, arctic plants gather their extraordinary strength and energy with astonishing speed. Torture-tested by the elements and harvested by hand, the raw materials of the Arctic are the most potent on Earth. Lumene harnesses the power of these berries and plants into effective skincare and cosmetics developed to illuminate your unique, natural beauty.


Doing make-up in a moving boat is challenging!


Ready for a city day!  I`ll tell more about that tomorrow…

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