City day with my loved one


Me and my husband love the time spent together as a family and try to arrange that as much as possible. However, every once in a while we want to spend also a little time as a couple. Actually we have noticed that we need that time; we need “a couple time” for the sake of our own, our relationship and our family wellbeing.

We are not good in arranging time for just us; often we notice that couple of months has gone without time for just two of us. Now when we know that the baby is coming we have tried to take advantage of our parents and siblings living nearby. One that kind of an opportunity was my ultrasound inspection where we were not allowed to take Unna with us. We took Unna to Henri`s father and headed for a city day.


Our boat was on the Kerimäki guest harbour during our city day. Kerimäki is famous for its big church, which is the biggest wooden church in the world. As you can see, it`s big because it`s also seen far from the lake.


My cityday look


Our day started with ultrasound inspection. And we got good news – Our baby is doing well 🙂 I can`t believe that my pregnancy is already on halfway.


After hospital visit it was a time for a summer lunch. We decided to go to a new summer restaurant in Savonlinna called Street bar and Resraurant Sarastro. The restaurant is located in Linnankatu 10 next to the Olavinlinna castle.

Street bar and restaurant Sarastro

Surrounding for a lunch together was perfect


I am a salad lover


Passion for good food combines also me and my husband. We like to eat out but even more we like to cook food together.

Savonlinna Opera Festival

Savonlinna Opera Festival had just started. I love the atmosphere in Savonlinna during the festival which last the whole July.

Cafè Saima

Time with my husband, talking together, sunny summer day, good coffee, good chocolate cake and good news = GOOD day and HAPPY me


As a parent your children are always in your mind. New playground had opened to our home town. I`m 100 % sure that Unna is going to love it! We are spending many hours on this playground in the future.


Steamships are also an essential part of Savonlinna summer


Walking together on the Savonlinna harbour was a good ending for our day

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