Tour Skating Season on Natural Ice is Here!


First, it was cross-country skiing, then tour skating and after that kick-sledding. Then again cross-country skiing, now tour skating and next probably kick-sledding. 

Different winter activities have followed each other in my life. Lately, “flying” on the ice surrounded by the peacefulness of Saimaa lake nature has started to call me again.

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For years cross-country skiing was pure exercise for me. Now it’s an important way to take care of my back. Also, nowadays, I look around me more when I’m skiing in the forest. 

Tour skating is about body too but all the way from the beginning I fell in love with its effect on my mind – how good skating on the lake makes me feel (and how that feeling helps my body to relax too). 

There’s a different kind of lightness in tour skating compared to cross-country skiing. That’s why the word flying.

I remembered it again when I was tour skating in Punkaharju last week. 

Also the surrounding makes the difference. Often cross-country skiing happens in the forest, whereas in skating you have more open space around you. 

(Just like with swimming or sitting in the lake.)

No crowd, no noise, no sweating in tight or small places. Just calming lake nature views and an enormous amount of recharging space around.  

How important chances to experience that kind of moments in life are for your health and happiness!

Not to mention about giving your body and mind some fresh air.

“A breath of fresh air is a great thing to take and an even better thing to be.”

This afternoon on the lake did so very good to me. However, I think next time I take kick-sled and in between, I do some cross-country skiing in the forest. 

Why focusing on just one, when winter offers you so many opportunities, and you can enjoy them all in one place?

So, welcome to Saimaa! 😉

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Besides Punkaharju, in this same region, there goes a great tour skating and kick-sledding track through Linnansaari National Park. I’ve written about it here but more information you find from Hotel & Spa Resort Järvisydän and SaimaaHoliday Oravi.

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