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365 Ways To Wellbeing – 250th Way

Yesterday I said that we did only familiar things at the cottage. Actually, there was one thing that wasn´t a part of our everyday life in Savonlinna. It was a fireplace.

I´ve written about a living fire before. How mesmerizing staring at the open fire is or how good it may feel to have a candle light. So how is a fireplace different from an open fire or a candle light? I feel that fireplace gives a special kind of warmth – it radiates coziness, hominess, presence and calmness. Humming of the burning wood and crackling sound is so so relaxing!

At the cottage we kept the fire going on basically all the time. It felt so good and heart warming to come in from cool autumn air and feel the warmth of the fire. When I added some wood to the fireplace and stood next to it I felt how our it calmed down my body and mind. I felt myself so relaxed at that very moment 🙂





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